Device Tracking Add-on for minFraud Services

The device tracking add-on for the minFraud services identifies devices as they move across networks and enhances the ability of the minFraud services to detect fraud. If a fraudster changes proxies while they are browsing your website or between visits to your website, you may observe an increased riskScore in the minFraud output associated with their transactions.

We may increase the risk score if we detect order velocity on the device. We also return a device ID in minFraud Insights and Factors so that you can do your own modeling around device ID.

Recommended Use

The Device Tracking Add-On is JavaScript code for you to add to your website. It runs on a visiting device so that the minFraud service can assign a Device ID and begin collecting fingerprint information. We recommend including the JavaScript below on your product and landing pages as well as all the pages within your purchase flow. This will help detect fraudsters if they change or enable proxies while browsing your website.

To speed page load time, JavaScript should be placed in footer of the HTML webpage.

Note that, in order to be effective, the Device Tracking Add-on must, at a minimum, be included on the page where the IP address is captured for a minFraud query.

If you anticipate volume greater than 100 page views per second, please contact us.


Replace ACCOUNT_ID with your MaxMind account ID.

<script type="text/javascript">
  maxmind_user_id = "ACCOUNT_ID";
  (function() {
    var loadDeviceJs = function() {
      var element = document.createElement('script');
      element.src = '';
    if (window.addEventListener) {
      window.addEventListener('load', loadDeviceJs, false);
    } else if (window.attachEvent) {
      window.attachEvent('onload', loadDeviceJs);

Cookie and Web Storage Usage

The device tracking add-on uses both a cookie and local storage as one method of distinguishing unique devices. The add-on sets a cookie with a two-year expiration for the effective second-level domain of your site; for instance, on, the cookie would be set for Both the cookie and the local storage key are named __mmapiwsid.

MaxMind may use other browser storage techniques in the future to enhance the performance of the device tracking add-on.