License Key Validation API

MaxMind provides a License Key Validation API, a tool for developers and organizations seeking to verify the validity of MaxMind license keys within their systems. This API endpoint is designed to check the existence and the format of a license key. It does not provide information about the license key's access to MaxMind products or the account to which it is associated. Using other endpoints to check for the validity of a license key would fail as accounts have access to particular services only.

You can use this API for building tools to scan your code for secrets to ensure that secrets are not published in improper locations. One example of such a tool is trufflehog. Using such a tool, you can prevent license keys accidentally ending up in unexpected places and enhance the security of your applications.


Request URI

API calls should be made with an HTTP POST request to:


There is no authorization needed for this endpoint. The request is made using the license key itself.

Request Body

The Content Type of the request must be application/x-www-form-urlencoded. No other content types are accepted at the moment.

The request body may include the following field:

KeyValue TypeDescription
license_keystringThe license_key field should contain the license key that you want to validate.

Here is an example of how to make the request using curl:

Please replace "your_license_key_here" with the actual license key you want to validate.


HTTP status codes are used to relay success and error messages. A successful POST will return a 204 (No Content) status code.

When the server returns an error (4xx or 5xx), the response may include a JSON document in the body. This document is a single object with the keys code and error. The code field is a static error code for machine use. The value of any given code will never change, though codes can be added or removed. The error field is a human-readable description of the error and may change at any time.

Response Body (for successful requests)

When the license key is successfully validated, the server will return a status of 204 No Content.

Response Body (for unauthorized license keys)

When the license key is in the correct format but could not be validated in our database, the server will return a JSON object with the following structure:

The HTTP status will be 401 Unauthorized.

Response Body (for unsuccessful requests)

In the event of an error occuring such as a bad request that has a license key with a bad format, the server will return a JSON object with the following structure:

The HTTP status will be a 400 Bad Request.

This page was last updated on July 17, 2024.