GeoIP2 Downloadable Databases

MaxMind provides both binary and CSV databases for GeoIP2. Both formats provide additional data not available in our legacy databases including localized names for cities, subdivisions, and countries.

Product Information

We currently provide the following GeoIP2 databases (terms and pricing can be found on each page):

Binary Databases

Binary databases make use of the MaxMind DB file format. We support the following APIs for this format for several languages, and there are many third-party APIs for languages and platforms that we do not provide support for.

The following APIs are open source and licensed under either the Apache License, Version 2.0 or Perl 5 programming language license, as indicated in the link provided.

MaxMind Supported APIs

Language or Software Package Repository Documentation Version Control
.NET (C#) NuGet GitHub Pages GitHub
C tarball releases on GitHub GitHub Pages GitHub
Java Maven Central Repository GitHub Pages GitHub
Node.js NPM GitHub Pages GitHub
Perl MetaCPAN MetaCPAN GitHub
PHP Composer (Packagist) GitHub Pages GitHub
Python PyPI Read the Docs GitHub
Ruby RubyGems RubyDoc GitHub
Apache (mod_maxminddb) tarball releases on GitHub GitHub Pages GitHub

Third-Party APIs

Warning! MaxMind does not offer support for these APIs and has not reviewed the code. Use at your own risk.
Language or Software API Name Package Repository Documentation Version Control
C++ GeoLite2++ Usage
Clojure maximator Clojars README GitHub
Crystal (C extension) README GitHub
Crystal README GitHub
D dmaxminddb DUB DUB GitHub
Delphi MMDB Reader GitHub
Elixir Geolix Hex README GitHub
Erlang ego README GitHub
Erlang geodata2 README GitHub
Erlang locus Hex HexDocs GitHub
Go geoip2 GoDoc GitHub
Haskell geoip2 Hackage README GitHub
Lua mmdblua README GitHub
Lua (C extension) lua-maxminddb GitHub
Lua (C extension) lua-resty-maxminddb README GitHub
Nginx ngx_http_geoip2_module README GitHub
OCaml ocaml-maxminddb OPAM README GitHub
Perl 6 GeoIP2 README GitHub
R rgeolocate CRAN README GitHub
Racket geoip Racket Documentation GitHub
Rust maxminddb Cargo API docs GitHub
Scala maxmind-geoip2-scala README GitHub
Swift (C extension) MMDB-Swift MMDB-Swift CocoaDocs GitHub
Varnish libvmod-geoip2 README GitHub
Varnish varnish-mmdb-vmod README GitHub

Updating Downloadable Databases

You can use the GeoIP Update program to automatically update your GeoIP databases.

CSV Databases

More information about the CSV databases can be found on our GeoIP2 Databases page.

Download Limits

MaxMind reserves the right to limit the number of downloads made within a limited period of time.