2013-05-14 - GeoIP Organization Database Change

The GeoIP Organization database will now be approximately 50% smaller in size. 98.5% of the resolutions will remain the same as before. For the remaining 1.5%, the return value will be the ISP instead of the organization. The data being changed represent smaller networks that typically don’t have a lot of activity or may be inaccurate. We will continue to reduce the size of the GeoIP Organization database in future releases until an additional 1.5% of resolutions return the ISP instead of the organization.

The ISP data in both the GeoIP ISP and Organization databases will also change. Within the next 4 weeks, 5-10% of ISP records be updated. These ISP corrections will mostly represent the ISP renaming or rebranding itself or will reflect a clean up of data to have a more consistent format.