- Discontinuing /app/ws_ipaddr

On April 28, we will deactivate the /app/ws_ipaddr endpoint. This endpoint returns a list of IP addresses for use when making minFraud or GeoIP web service requests to MaxMind servers.

If you use this endpoint, you need to take action in order to continue accessing MaxMind services. Please switch and make requests using the minfraud.maxmind.com hostname for minFraud webservice requests and geoip.maxmind.com for GeoIP webservice requests.

If you use a minFraud client API we provided, please update to the latest API, available on http://dev.maxmind.com/minfraud/. Our newest API versions use hostnames instead of /app/ws_ipaddr.

If you use a third-party plugin that makes requests to MaxMind web services, you may need to update it.