- Discontinuation of Web Service Access on Port 8010

On August 11, we will discontinue serving requests to port 8010. If you use this port, we ask that you:

  • Replace calls to maxmind.com, port 8010 (http://maxmind.com:8010/) with calls to geoip.maxmind.com port 80 (http://geoip.maxmind.com/) or port 443 (https://geoip.maxmind.com/). We strongly encourage using HTTPS since this will encrypt your license key and the IP address you are looking up.
  • Upgrade to the GeoIP2 web service, which offers more accurate city and postal code data. There is no extra cost and you can use your existing account ID and license key to access. For details on how to call the GeoIP2 web service, see our developer page.

In addition, on August 5, we will disable the web services on port 8010 for one hour starting at 1 p.m. UTC.

Please email us at support@maxmind.com if you have any questions.