- Change to Vodafone Germany ISP name

On Monday, January 25 we will be updating MaxMind products and services with ISP data to consolidate naming conventions for Vodafone Germany. We will now return either Vodafone Germany Cable, Vodafone Germany DSL, Vodafone Germany Business, or Vodafone Germany. Previous values were Vodafone GmbH, Vodafone Germany, and Vodafone DSL. We are updating these values to more accurately reflect the type of connection that the IP address is associated with.

The following GeoIP databases and services are affected by this change:

  • GeoIP2 ISP database
  • GeoIP2 Enterprise database
  • GeoIP Legacy ISP and Organization databases
  • GeoIP2 Precision and Legacy City Service
  • GeoIP2 Precision and Legacy Insights Service
  • minFraud Insights
  • minFraud Factors