- Adding IPv6 access for web endpoints

We’re excited to roll out IPv6 access for our web endpoints over the next few months. The rollout will be gradual to ensure a minimum of disruption for clients. We will be adding AAAA records for hostnames on the dates specified below. Most clients aren’t yet using IPv6 and should notice no issues. Clients with properly configured IPv6 should also notice no issues. If you have any questions or issues, please email us at support@maxmind.com.

The AAAA address for US West servers will be 2607:f0d0:3:7::4.
The AAAA address for US East servers will be 2607:f0d0:3:8::4.

2013-09-23 device.maxmind.com
2013-09-23 download.maxmind.com
2013-09-23 www.maxmind.com
2013-09-30 geolite.maxmind.com
2013-10-14 sitecore1.maxmind.com
2013-11-11 geoip-us-east.maxmind.com
2013-11-11 maxmind.com
2013-11-18 geoip.maxmind.com
2013-11-18 geoip-us-west.maxmind.com
2013-11-25 minfraud-us-east.maxmind.com
2013-12-02 minfraud-us-west.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 api.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 api-us-east.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 api-us-west.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 minfraud.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 update.maxmind.com
2013-12-09 updates.maxmind.com