What’s New in minFraud Score, minFraud Insights, and minFraud Factors

MaxMind minFraud Score, minFraud Insights, and minFraud Factors provide a modern RESTful way to access the minFraud data services. This document outlines the major changes for developers when using these services.

For more information about ongoing enhancements to the minFraud services, see our release notes.

General Changes

The minFraud web services now follow REST principles.

Authentication is done using basic authentication over an TLS connection rather than passing the license key as a query parameter.

All requests are made by a POST of a structured JSON document to the web service.

When an error occurs, we now return an appropriate HTTP error code instead of simply returning a 200 with an error in the document. We also return a JSON document with details about the error in most cases.

Successful responses also return a JSON document. All documents, both successful and error, are in the form of a JSON object.

Data Changes


The following inputs have been added to help us provide you with the most accurate risk assessment possible. Please see the Request API documentation for a complete description.

  • credit_card

    • token
    • device
    • session_age
    • session_id
  • event

    • time
    • type
  • billing

    • first_name
    • last_name
    • company
    • address
    • address_2
    • phone_number
    • phone_country_code
  • shipping

    • first_name
    • last_name
    • company
    • address_2
    • phone_number
    • phone_country_code
    • delivery_speed
  • account

    • user_id
  • email

    • first_seen
  • payment

    • processor
    • was_authorized
    • decline_code
  • credit_card

    • last_digits
  • order

    • affiliate_id
    • discount_code
    • subaffiliate_id
    • referrer_uri
  • shopping_cart

    • category
    • item_id
    • quantity
    • price

minFraud Score Outputs

minFraud Score does not provide any new data outputs. Rather it provides a simple JSON document containing the transaction’s risk_score, id, credits_remaining, and any warnings related to the input provided.

minFraud Insights Outputs

minFraud Insights response data builds on our previous web service outputs, improving organization and consistency while adding several new data points.

Beyond the new outputs listed below, the service provides GeoIP2 Insights data for the IP address in the ip_address object.

proxyScore has been replaced with the IP address risk, /ip_address/risk. Whereas proxyScore ranged from 0-4, the IP address ranges from 0.01 to 99, similar to risk_score.

countryMatch has been replaced with /billing_address/is_in_ip_country and /shipping_address/is_in_ip_country.

New Outputs

The following outputs have been added.

  • credit_card

    • brand
    • is_prepaid
    • is_virtual
    • type
  • device (requires Device Tracking Add-on)

    • id
    • confidence
    • last_seen
    • local_time
  • disposition

    • action
    • reason
  • email

    • first_seen
  • ip_address

    • risk

    • location

      • average_income
      • local_time
      • population_density
    • registered_country

    • represented_country

    • traits

      • autonomous_system_number
      • autonomous_system_organization
      • is_anonymous
      • is_anonymous_vpn
      • is_hosting_provider
      • is_public_proxy
      • is_satellite_provider
      • is_tor_exit_node
      • is_residential_proxy
      • network
      • static_ip_score
      • user_count
  • shipping_address

    • latitude*
    • longitude*
    • distance_to_ip_location
    • distance_to_billing_address
    • is_in_ip_country
  • billing_address

    • latitude*
    • longitude*
    • distance_to_ip_location
    • is_in_ip_country

* Latitude and longitude are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular street address or household.

Deprecated Outputs

The following outputs have been removed without a direct replacement.

  • ip_corporateProxy
  • highRiskCountry
  • highRiskUsername
  • highRiskPassword
  • custPhoneInBillingLoc

minFraud Factors Outputs

In addition to the changes in minFraud Insights, minFraud Factors also includes the following outputs:

  • subscores
    • avs_result
    • billing_address
    • billing_address_distance_to_ip_location
    • browser
    • chargeback
    • country
    • country_mismatch
    • cvv_result
    • device
    • email_address
    • email_domain
    • email_local_part
    • email_tenure(deprecated)
    • ip_tenure (deprecated)
    • issuer_id_number
    • order_amount
    • phone_number
    • shipping_address
    • shipping_address_distance_to_ip_location
    • time_of_day

More Information

For more information on these web services, see the full API documentation.

This page was last updated on April 10, 2024.