MaxMind Server IP Addresses

2019-02-06 – We will be running tests prior to migrating our services behind Cloudflare. Testing will be conducted across our services on Monday March 11 2019, Wednesday March 13 2019, and Friday March 15 2019 for up to 30 minutes starting at 17:00 UTC on all three days. We will be closely monitoring performance of our services during this time.

If you use DNS rather than hardcoding our server IP addresses, no action is needed. If you have hardcoded MaxMind server IP addresses to enable access to any MaxMind services (including downloads of GeoIP databases) through your firewalls, you may experience service interruptions unless you take the steps outlined below.

  • Update your systems to whitelist the IP addresses below; and
  • Subscribe to the mailing list on this page so that we can update you about any changes to MaxMind server IP addresses.

This page lists the IP addresses that may be used by our servers. We strongly encourage you to use DNS rather than hardcode our IPs. Not all IPs listed on this page will be in use at a given time. The IPs returned in DNS could change at any time. Note that the IPs below don’t apply to the hostname, which could use any IP and change frequently.