GeoIP2 Release Notes - 2013 Archive

Canadian Postals back in database

August 12, 2013

Canadian postal codes are included in the GeoIP City databases again. We now return the first 3 characters of the postal for Canada. We have also increased postal coverage for Australia, France, Spain, and Switzerland

The postal code coverage is approximately:

  • Australia, 22%
  • Canada, 25%
  • France, 39%
  • Germany, 14%
  • Italy, 19%
  • Spain, 20%
  • South Africa, 5%
  • Switzerland, 38%
  • United Kingdom, 9%
  • United States, 56%

GeoIP release delay

August 6, 2013

The Tuesday, August 6, GeoIP update is delayed one day. The databases should be available by 6pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, August 7th. We apologize for the delay.

Improved international postal resolution

July 24, 2013

he GeoIP databases now returns more postal codes for Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. In addition, the latitude and longitude will reflect the center of the postal code instead of the center of the city for these countries. The postal code coverage is approximately:

  • Australia, 20%
  • France, 23%
  • Germany, 14%
  • Italy, 18%
  • Spain, 11%
  • South Africa, 5%
  • Switzerland, 28%
  • United Kingdom, 9%
  • United States, 56%

On July 30th, the GeoIP databases should return postals for Canada.

GeoIP2 Precision Data Available

July 5, 2013

The GeoIP2 Web Services now use more accurate GeoIP2 precision data. Testing shows the GeoIP2 precision data accurately geolocates 1.6% more IPs to US postal codes than GeoIP Legacy data. GeoIP2 precision data is available only in GeoIP2 City/ISP/Organization and GeoIP Omni Web Services.

GeoIP2 Now Available

May 1, 2013

The GeoIP2 JavaScript service is now available. This is the first publicly available GeoIP2-based service.

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