GeoIP Legacy Downloadable Databases

We are retiring our GeoIP Legacy database formats at the end of May 2022. Please see our blog post for more information, including how to migrate to GeoIP2.

New Database Format Available: This page is for our legacy databases. For our latest database format, please see our GeoIP2 Downloadable Databases.

GeoIP Legacy is available in a variety of downloadable databases. These databases use a custom binary format to maximize lookup speed. MaxMind also offers CSV versions of the same data. This is useful if you would like to import this data into a SQL RDBMS, for example.

CSV Database

Please see our CSV database documentation.

Binary Databases

The binary databases come in many flavors, each of which contains a specific dataset. These are all offered as separate products with their own subscription.

At present, we offer the following databases:

  • Country – maps the IP address to a country
  • Region – maps the IP address to a specific state/province within a country
  • City – maps the IP address to a specific city within a country. In the US, we are able to map many IP addresses to specific postal codes. This database also contains approximate latitude, longitude, and time zone data.
  • Organization – maps the IP address to the organization which was assigned the IP address’s netblock.
  • ISP – maps the IP address to the ISP which owns the IP, including wireless carriers.
  • Netspeed – maps the IP address a particular network speed.
  • Domain – maps the IP address to a domain (not a hostname).
Latitude and longitude are not precise and should not be used to identify a particular street address or household. To better represent a level of accuracy, please include the accuracy_radius when displaying latitude and longitude and make it clear that the coordinates refer to a larger geographical area instead of a precise location.

MaxMind-Supported APIs

We supply APIs for many major programming languages.

All of our APIs are available on GitHub. We are happy to review patches submitted as GitHub Pull Requests.

Language/Platform Documentation Package Repository Version Control
Apache (mod_geoip) Documentation Source on GitHub GitHub
C (see note) Documentation Source on GitHub, Debian, Ubuntu GitHub
C# Documentation Source on GitHub GitHub
Java Documentation Maven GitHub
Perl Documentation MetaCPAN GitHub
PHP Documentation Composer, Source GitHub
Python Documentation PyPI GitHub

Note: The GeoIP Update program has been moved to a separate source distribution.

Third-Party APIs

Warning! MaxMind does not offer support for these APIs and has not reviewed the code. Use at your own risk.
Language or Framework API Name Package Repository Documentation Version Control
Erlang egoip GitHub
Go GeoIP (C wrapper) GoDoc GitHub
Nim mmgeoip (C wrapper) README GitHub
Node.js GeoIP binding (C extension) README GitHub
Node.js node-maxmind (0.6 and earlier) GitHub
PHP GeoIP PECL PECL package PECL package
Python pygeoip PyPI GitHub
Ruby GeoIP Bindings (C Extension) RubyGems RubyDoc GitHub
Ruby geoip RubyGems RubyDoc GitHub
Scala Scala MaxMind Geo-IP README GitHub

Download Limits

MaxMind reserves the right to limit the number of downloads made within a limited period of time.