Frequently Asked Question

What is an open proxy?

Open Proxies are typically compromised “zombie” computers. They are running a proxy service that was installed by a virus or other malware. The owner of the computer is typically unaware that their computer is being used as a proxy, enabling fraudsters to use the legitimate owner’s internet connection to send spam, commit credit card fraud, and engage in other illegal activity.

These open proxies change frequently, as home users cycle through IP addresses and as anti-virus software clean up infections. This category also includes legitimate anonymizing services (listed as anonymous proxies) that cycle their IP addresses frequently in an effort to help their clients get around restricted sites or services that block known anonymous proxies.

Given the rate of change in open proxy IP addresses, this dataset is currently not packaged into the GeoIP databases. The GeoIP databases only contain data on the anonymous proxies and satellite providers. To obtain the Open Proxy data, please use the minFraud services.